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 Benoit Moving?, Former WWE Diva On Billboard, More

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PostSubject: Benoit Moving?, Former WWE Diva On Billboard, More   Tue May 29, 2007 2:24 pm

Written by Tom Wilkens on May 29, 2007 - 1:24:24 PM

source: wrestlingnewsworld.com

Former WWE Diva Lauren Jones may have the distinction of being the first ever woman in wrestling, past or present, to ever appear on a billboard. In the town of Tyler, Texas, there is a billboard of her that says "SHE'S COMING." Jones is coming to the Fox station KYTX to become a reporter for a reality show. You can see a snapshot of the billboard here. The series "Anchorwoman" is scheduled to premiere this summer on Fox. It will be kind of like "The Simple Life" but in a TV station setting.

European wrestlers Stu Sanders, Murat Bosporous, Chris Chaos and Taylor Phoenix are also under consideration for development deals from WWE. At least one of the recent European signees was told that they were loading up on them for the prospective European territory, so they're not necessarily coming to the United States to wrestle in OVW and the forthcoming Florida Championship Wrestling. However, while nobody has nixed the possible international plans, nobody talks about them anymore. So well, some of these European signees could very well be sitting on the sidelines for quite some time, unless their WWE contract allows them to work for other promotions. Drew Galloway, Hade Vansen and Sheamus O'Shaunessy, the three Europeans on board, were all signed to three-year deals. Although, of course they can all be released at a moment's notice.

After the recent roster changes and rash of injuries, Raw is in desperate need of another headliner. Chris Benoit's name has come up again about being moved to Raw now that's he dropped the U.S. title, losing to MVP in two straight falls no less. There was talk of moving him to Raw after WrestleMania, but they wanted to keep his feud with MVP going a little while longer. It's no secret that SmackDown head writer Michael Hayes doesn't see him as a headliner.
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Benoit Moving?, Former WWE Diva On Billboard, More
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